Cut energy costs & see the savings in simple graphs

Facility managers or energy managers: Spot high-yield opportunities to reduce energy cost. Project potential savings and ROI for specific initiatives. Set project priorities. Monitor projects and results. Calculate savings and ROI. Implement across many locations in less than three weeks. Avoid the cost of expensive monitoring hardware.

Deliver better results with less effort

Spot and quantify opportunities to cut energy costs for your clients. Conduct efficient energy audits. Set aside your spreadsheets. Make complex calculations in moments rather than days. Identify opportunities to get rebates. Connect with solution providers to explore alternatives. Easily generate scope documents to collect vendor bids. Manage projects and rebate applications. Report the savings you help clients achieve.

Work efficiently with consultants & project managers

Connect with buyers who are looking for solutions to improve energy efficiency. Collect site survey data with less effort. Set aside your spreadsheets. Make complex calculations much faster. Project potential savings and return on investment. Create proposals faster and more easily. Make it easier to collect utility rebates.