Cloud Apps


Reduce energy cost and consumption with a cloud-based software application that does the hard work for you.

It will make you more efficient whether you manage 6 sites or 6,000.

Stop using cumbersome spreadsheets to track changes in energy efficiency.

Easily calculate your savings across many energy-efficiency initiatives. Also see your savings over several years and in various climate zones.

Quickly spot opportunities to achieve further gains.

Ensure that your past initiatives continue to deliver the savings they initially did.


  • Identify Least Efficient Sites
  • Quantify the Savings Opportunity
  • Tag Energy Projects on the Graph and Timeline
  • Track Energy Savings by Projects
  • Get Notifications and Alerts

App to Manage Plug Load

Plug loads (such as chicken warmer, wrapper machine, Kitchen hoods, Case night blinds etc.) can be almost 15-20% of total store utility cost. If left ON when not in use can cost millions of dollar. The 360-checklist app help manage these plug load to reduce waste. Same app can be extended and used for other reminders that is critical for store operations such as sanitation and food safety.

Efficiently manage energy audits, commissioning, and retro-commissioning for grocery stores

Get the only realtime, collaborative software that runs in the cloud, created specifically for supermarket chains and their service providers.

Run it on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone that has access to the Web.

Track the real-time progress of multiple projects and service providers:

  • Collect and maintain project data and details, all in a single online application.
  • See detailed project status across multiple contractors and building sites.
  • End the frustration and inconvenience of using emails to update project details.
  • Stop wrangling inconsistent, inconvenient spreadsheets. Don’t waste another minute updating and managing spreadsheet versions.

For grocery retailers...

  • Stop creating Excel Spreadsheets that are cumbersome to use, share and retrieve.
  • Achieve higher project quality through consistent processes and reporting across contractors.
  • Communicate detailed deficiencies automatically to field technicians.
  • Know when a contractor has completed their job, so they can be paid.
  • Get feedback from your contractors to see how they’ve resolved issues that were uncovered.
  • Keep projects on track with the automatic calculation of percentage completion.
  • Save 10 to 12 hours of administrative time per project.

For service providers and solution vendors...

  • Reduce technician labor hours by 20% to 30% per project.
  • Deliver consistently high-quality results for clients, with no details falling through the cracks.
  • Quickly build a credible, persuasive business case for energy-saving projects.
  • Efficiently and accurately calculate potential savings for energy-conservation initiatives.

Some unique features...

  • Pressure-temp charts for all refrigerants. No need to look them up.
  • Artificial-intelligence engine for automatic data analysis. Flags deficiencies in refrigeration & HVAC systems.
  • Estimated savings. Projects likely savings for various energy-efficiency measures.

For more detail about product capabilities, download an information sheet.