About Us

kWh360 is a technology and services company whose goal is to make energy conservation so simple, easy, and affordable that big organizations can’t afford not to conserve.

The company provides energy-use monitoring, economic assessments, and project-management tools for energy conservation in organizations that operate multiple sites.

In managing energy for other companies during the past 20 years, our saw that other technologies are too expensive, too complex, too proprietary, and too hard to implement. These factors have limited their adoption.

But for many reasons, the world urgently needs more effective ways to save energy.

The design goals for kWh360 are simple. We want the technology to be useful after only a few minutes of initial training. A simple screens hide complex mathematics from people who don’t want to see the details. But the system also provides easy access for people who do.

Abtar Singh, the founder of kWh360, has helped hundreds of large organizations conserve energy. His clients have included many of the largest retailers in North America.

Mr. Singh holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, with specialization in heating, cooling and refrigeration systems. He also holds 32 patents in the field.

“What we do is different,” Mr. Singh said. “Many technology companies provide hardware and software for monitoring energy use. A few companies also perform complex calculations to normalize data for variations in weather.

“But no one else offers an exchange where building operators, energy consultants and solution providers can work collaboratively on the same initiatives. With kWh360, they can evaluate energy-conservation opportunities, share information, propose specific energy-saving measures, predict likely benefits, measure actual results, and help manage utility rebates.”

To develop such a system requires five traits:

  • In-depth knowledge of mechanical engineering
  • Ability to design and build complex software
  • Deep industry experience to know what’s needed, what works, and what doesn’t
  • Commitment to provide high value at affordable cost
  • Passion to encourage conservation of non-renewable resources.

We believe this combination of traits makes kWh360 unique. And we believe it helps us offer products and services unlike any others.