kWh360 Debuts Smartphone App for Field Surveys & Facility Audits

Software Makes It Easy to Collect and Organize Detailed Visual Information from Many Work Sites

MEDINA, MINN. (September 20, 2017) – kWh360 has announced the commercial availability of a new smartphone app that helps work crews and facility managers gather and organize complex, detailed visual information from work sites. For short video and access click the link

The application, called 360-Worklist, makes it easy to annotate photos taken by smartphone cameras. The annotated photos can serve as visual references from field surveys and facility audits. They can illustrate task lists, work lists, work orders, and construction punch lists.

360-Worklist solves a problem that often arises when audit teams survey a building. They may take dozens of photos to document what they’ve seen.

But the photos are often hard to label, file, and retrieve for future reference. It may be difficult to see which details a photo was intended to illustrate.

360-Worklist automatically stamps each photo with a current date and time of day. It also registers the GPS coordinates and street address where the photo was taken.

Photographers can enter text notes to describe the content of the photo. And they can use a finger to draw diagrams, arrows or highlights right on the photo.

All data (date, time, GPS coordinate, address, author and work text) is recorded as picture properties. This means it is available for use in this and other enterprise or cloud-based software applications.

The Worklist picture can be shared as an individual image in JPEG format. It can also be included in a group of pictures and shared as a PDF document. In both cases, a hyperlink is embedded in the picture.

The recipient can click the link to enable Google Maps to provide directions to the place where the picture was taken.

The app is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems. It is free for limited features but costs small fees (one-time) for advanced features (such as creating professional pdf) from the Google or Apple stores. Search for it as “360 Worklist”.


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